Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pre-Spring Update?

It's been a while since I've played a tuba, but I have my Holton 345 out here in Arizona, just haven't taken the time to find a group to play with. I found another tuba I'd like to buy, but I can't afford it... unless I sell some things first... like the Holton....

In a couple weeks, I'll have my EEb subbass here as well, maybe a few other instruments too. Additionally, I'll be thinning the herd down to just a couple instruments - except for the planned projects.

Right now, I think I have "promised" my raincatcher to a guy in the Midwest, but the other instruments are essentially up for grabs. Here's a general idea on what I have - these will probably get listed on eBay (assuming my account was deactivated due to inactivity):

Olds Marching Trombone
King Marching French Horn
Yamaha YEP-201 body parts
Yamaha Bb piston block (.460")
Carl Fisher BBb 'Raincatcher' Sousaphone
Unmarked Eb 'tuba'
1930s York sousaphone body, bell, case and 1910s York valve assembly (no pistons)
Misc Frumpet bells

I also have a bunch of parts/tubes/braces and some baritone/euphonium cases, as well as some instruments I'm probably forgetting.

Instruments that need to be put back together:
1910s York Monster Eb helicon (19" bell, silver plated) and 1930s York Eb four-piston valve assembly (brass, lacquered)
Two "Barcone" mini sousaphones
Conn Bass/baritone bugle in G
Chinese Rotary Euphonium "Maestro"

I'll also be trying to complete the contrabass trumpet in F - I think I have all the parts necessary.

Also, while I have a 1935 King BBb tuba body/bell, I'm going to attempt to mount my Jumbo's valve section to it - make it removable to use on two instruments.

So, for the instruments I'll be keeping:
EEb subbass tuba
Buescher Eb helicon (17" bell)
King Jumbo sousaphone
King BBb tuba
Martin helicon project (convert to CC and return to owner)
Maybe the F contrabass trumpet

That's it for now. Maybe I'll take some video of me playing the 345 this coming weekend.

Also, I'm ditching photobucket in favor of imgur.